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May 18, 2021

This week Love Has Won, we talk a late 90s/early 2000s online Satanic panic, & talk red meat, dairy, and AAA, as we review Devereux Milburn's, 'Honeydew'.

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This is an Audio Wool Original. This episode of Frightday is brought to you by Spring Heel'd Jack coffee. You need great coffee, Jack delivers. Visit Spring Heel'd Hey guys. Thanks for listening. If you'd like to support us, go to I fucking love the internet, man.

It's so scary.

Sometimes I'm almost certain. You're putting your microphone in a bag of pretzels.

you're unsure. Are you sitting in a dark room? Maybe? Okay. All right.

Are you ready? I'm kind of waiting for you to quit eating pretzels.

It is Frightday  I was going to say energy is real weird, right? It's a song. I'm your host. Byron Byron Byron Byron road trips are supposed to be a break from routine, a breath of fresh air, time to reflect and clear your head. But new roads can only do so much when you find yourself camping on private property, unable to leave when requested, because your battery is dead to boot.

Could it get any worse? Yeah. And we'll talk about it tonight. As we review Devereaux milburn's honeydew and in the late nineties and early 2000 thousands, while I was using the internet to chat with crushes on errands and messenger, and to download individual tracks off the mission, impossible to soundtrack, a California social worker was harassing celebrities, publicly accusing them of satanic ritual abuse.

That sounds kind of familiar. It's Diane Annapolis in this week's edition of Kelly's cryptids and conspiracies I'm joined tonight by Kelly and Sam can't make it because he went upstairs to eat some meat, carnivorous that one Kelly. Did you know that love is one, no, Byron we've talked about, we have talked about this.

You're not allowed. Why do you, what do you mean I'm? Uh, I am, uh, intrigued. Yeah. I, I'm not arguing that following the death of the leader of the love has one call to last week when they, uh, authorities did stumble into a back room of a double wide trailer in Crestone, Colorado, where they found, uh, I would say it's a shrine with the leader.

Amy Carlson's uh, well, she goes by mother, got her mama G to her followers. She went by, well, Kelly, I don't know she's ascended. It doesn't mean she has Shea pet. Apparently. I'm not sure I've been, I've been following this. Pretty closely because the state of her body was quite interesting. She'd been gone for over two months, I believe.

Oh, is that all that didn't seem that long tucked in a sleeping bag in a shrine room wrapped in a rainbow Christmas lights. I mean, her eyes were gone, but the sockets were full of a glitter, glitter. What color was the glitter I've been meaning to ask? Probably rainbow. I'm been watching this called is still streaming daily.

Sometimes twice daily on YouTube they're members. They're not pulling back from their love of Christmas lights in the background of all their videos or strings of Christmas lights. And I'm like, Oh right. If you guys really want to lean into that, I have been. Communicating with them, trying to see if there's anyone left in the Crestone Colorado area.

But most of the people I'm talking to her from Australia, some of them are based in South Africa, but yeah, mama G's dad, very she's ascended and a five, the full disclosure is going to happen at some point. When does that happen? I'm unsure, but the train has no brakes is what they're saying right now.

They often say that it's something upwards of 20 full-time members and they call themselves the first contact ground crew team. They're a family of light beings living on earth in divine vibration, unity consciousness, Christ consciousness, a constant state of bliss, joy, peace, and love. Never been a fan of the whole Christ consciousness thing.

Yeah. They talk a lot about divine masculine and divine feminine. And what's the masculine one. It's divine masculine. Isn't it is, it are the both divine could have swore that they had different. Oh, I think you're right. It's yeah, the divine feminine and the, I don't remember. You've been out of the Buddhist business for that ship, my brain.

Yeah. But, um, yeah, fully immersed in this for some reason. And with the, uh, the Florida trip canceled, I don't know. I just might end up in Crestone, Colorado. Okay. So being real Byron yes. No flat out we bought absolutely positively. No. Well, I mean, They might know something too about this whole COVID stuff.

They're kind of Grifters as well. They sell like new age products on their live streams, as well as trying to get people to donate money to them. But they think mama G might've died. Not, they, they probably think she ascended because it was her time. But, uh, she had been taking mass quantities of colloidal silver.

Sam was mumbling about that. Was he reading the article and getting frustrated about the whole colloidal silver. That's a pretty common thing within the new age and even Q Anon communities. That was, that was the thing that Alex Jones actually got in trouble for it earlier this week, the FTC and FDA issued warnings to seven companies accused of selling unapproved or misbranded products claiming they can treat or cure COVID-19 with teas, essential oils and colloidal silver.

Televangelist Jim Bakker received one such warning for offering an $80 silver solution. He advertised as a treatment for Corona virus and conspiracy theorist. Alex Jones received a cease and desist letter for Hawking unproven products from New York, attorney general Latisha James, one of several she and other States attorneys general have issued in recent days to people they say are selling unproven products.

He was selling a wound gel and a mouth gargle at the beginning of the COVID pandemic. And he got in trouble because there's no evidence that colloidal silver does anything. It does improve actually wounds. There was an extra journals. Not internally. Don't put colloidal silver inside your body. No, no, not, not good.

Unless of course it's Friday brand colloidal But I don't know where this is going to go. This woman though. W internally interesting. Amy, apparently 9 billion years old. I didn't know. You could be that old. She claimed to have been reincarnated 534 times 534. Yeah. Okay. How does somebody even come up with that number?

Don't know if it makes sense. Creative. She was Jesus. At one point, Joan of arc Marilyn Monroe Cleopatra. Her whole goal was to lead 144,000 people into the fifth dimension, which is still the goal of the remaining members that I talked to you on a daily basis. Any remaining members do we have to 20 they're very active groups of 20.

I mean, there's a handful of them. Work ethic is kind of incredible. Considering there are a bunch of burnout's living in like double-wide trailers in the middle of communities in Colorado and Australia, but yes, she also believes that Donald Trump was her father and has spoken to the spirit of. Robin Williams has Trump spoken to this?

Why would he deny anything? All press is good press to Damitri fucking asshole. Why can't he just Donnie D and mama G hanging out because she's the daughter of Donald Trump. I will continue to follow the story. Unfortunately, for you Kelly, today, they officially the seven members in Crestone who, uh, did get arrested when the body was found, because they were charged with abuse of a corpse.

And I believe child abuse as well, because a handful of the residents in Crestone, some of the seven had children and one of the daughters was like, 13 body was still in the house when she was there. Not chill. That's not really cool. No, that's actually quite horrific. That's something that's going to stick with a child, but don't like it reporting for reporting life one.

Who knows where I'll be next week. Well, there's no reason for you to go. Everybody's gone. Some of them are out on bond. I will dig into that later today because they, they did have an appearance in court today. I mean, the maximum sentence for abuse of a corpse is only 18 months. Kelly. That's not that bad, but it means that I have 18 minutes to talk you out of going down there, at least, I don't know if they're going to want to talk to me.

The Australian ones think I'm pretty all right, but the Australian ones, well it's because Australians are just too nice. I'm just unsure if there's anyone left down there. So maybe if there's not, then I won't be there. But I do know a lot of concerned citizens in the area are contacting authorities because they fear that the residents of Crestone it's like less than 150 people live in Crestone, Colorado family members are concerned that more people were involved in the cult than are being reported.

I mean, vice has done documentaries about this and this leader, this woman, mama G mother God, Amy Carlson. She was on the Dr. Phil show last year. Wait, growing up. My sister, Amy was very sweet. She got good grades. Amy didn't show any signs of acting different. Amy was married three times. By the time she was in her early twenties.

Amy had three children with three different dads. After her third child was born. Amy became very distant. She did neglect her child. Okay. Around 2006, she started acting strangely. Amy has bounced around from different States. She started calling herself mother God, and she believed that she was God. My sister is running a Colt with a bunch of followers in Hawaii.

She has been in charge of a group called love has one. She believes that she has. Ben sent here to save the world no matter what happens to me, I will still stand for, well, I commanded all my atoms to come home back in the light. All of Amy's followers referred to her as mom or mama, mom out Julio main thing is magical.

I believe that Amy is scamming all of her followers. She has people buy stuff for her and send her gifts. Your contract is to be conscious. So having the unconscious is saying I'm failing my contract mother as one puts out daily live streams every day on all the videos she is screaming. She is pursing.

She is demanding people to do what she asks my own workers, serving lab. And bringing in a new paradigm cores, Amy calls, anyone who has a non-believer horse and retaught seriously. Okay. I didn't know that. I figured that she was like fully off everybody's radar and just some random what. Okay. So we've got another person that we can blame the downfall of on Dr.

Phil. Can we talk about what she said to Dr. Phil on the Dr. Phil? She said that she fully remembers being hanged on the cross as Jesus, huh? Yeah. So this was back in 2020. Did she have any reason for why she's been reincarnated as all these very significant people? And yet this time came as basically a, no one, probably because she's a sociopathic grifter.

She'd bring a peace to the planet. They're pretty positive, but I mean, minus like the whole. Dying and, uh, letting your kids hang out with dead bodies. Well, that was all out of her hand. She died. Like she didn't, she didn't do that. She's deceased, so, yeah, but she knew what they were going to do with her after she died.

I'm unsure. I don't think she anticipated dying at the age. In her fifties. She just kept fucking chug and silver. I would love to talk more about this. Why is this not a behind the screams episode? Like I can't talk so much behind this. No, we can't do that, but I mean, thank you guys for adulting me, honestly, as long as I have some time to keep you away from there, I'm fine.

It's like, we just need to make sure you weren't headed down there. Right? Is someone coming to my house right now? Kelly? Not even kidding you. I Shinoa was just here. We talked about how she needs to check in with you and drive by your house and make sure you're still Kelly. We got to get to work. These DVD copies of goodbye Lennon.

Aren't going to put themselves away. Oh, I don't know that one. It's time for staffing.

Straight ahead. I got to get staff pick for tonight. So tell me about your staff. Pick. You sound excited. I am excited. So Byron, you know that I am a little bit weird with the types of horror that I like. And sometimes it gets a little bit controversial because people get angry at me that I don't like the same things.

Yeah. Keep saying, let's watch pupil. Let's watch puke porn. You keep chanting it. And I say, well, I'm not watching that stuff, porn. You're always telling me that's your shit. I hate that. It's always simulated snuff films with you. And I just cannot get it. I can't, I can't get down. Yes. Not having it. Okay.

What I am having, it is a rare occasion that we watch a body horror that I really like one such occasion was this week. I think it kind of counts as a body. Or do you think, I mean, I think transformation, I feel like it's body horror. People are having. Well, and well, I guess I, you know, that is something that we're going to talk about in a little bit.

Okay. We're going to talk about it in a little bit, but the movie we watched for this week was about New York. The last time I remember enjoying a body horror this much was when we watched a movie called tusk hotline tomorrow for the podcast. It's what I do. I travel around and I interview weird or interesting people.

So look at you. Crazy Canucks wandering Wallace takes a raunchy road trip up to the great white North. Hello. I am an old man who has enjoyed a long and storied life at sea. And after ER, oceanic adventure. I know, I do not wish to spend my remaining years alone while I have some stories to share by frost.

From here. It's a boot two hours from here. It's a boot two hours away. Hate American guys. Good evening. Nice to meet you. Could I interest you in some tea? So what happened after the boat sank? I was alone and then something very Swift and frightening move by me. A walrus saves your life. The walrus is far more evolved than any man I've ever known.

Present company included. Thank you. You're welcome.

All right, Mr.

Rooney morning, your humanity. I don't understand the hell. Want to be human

so here we are. The film. We talked about a couple of weeks ago. Now you're giving it a fish. Remember I was talking about red state and he said, you like tusk more. And then we talked a little bit about Tuscan. Can you said you wanted to revisit it? So here we are, we're revisiting it. Okay. Well you need to get more asleep.

You got it? No, I just don't remember anything also, by the way, I think yellow veil might be the new age, 24, but we'll have that discussion later too. No, they're good. They're they're art house, but they're not a, I didn't realize how much they have done. That's really good. I love the elevator I talked about.

Oh my God. You really don't remember anything. Do you? I remember nothing. So there are a few things about tests that make it spectacular. One of them is that Hailey has Justin Long, who is really spectacular. Nice guy. If you listened to his podcast, he just seems really great. Haley Joel Osment, which, you know, I.

A weird role for him, but I like him in it. Um, it's about the only thing Kevin Smith has ever done that I like really. Okay. I felt like the odd person out because I really never loved his old like clerks and stuff. There's just something like semi douchey about it to me, that just never sat well. And I know I'm upsetting people because I realize those were wildly popular apologize, but I don't think it's saying anything.

People don't already know, but he's like a, an Indy bro filmmaker. Man children from the late nineties in the late nineties, I should have liked this shit. I mean, every character that Kevin Smith has written is basically himself. I'm not saying he's not afraid, which maybe is why you don't like his characters very much, except in tusk.

Now I feel this week is a particularly good time to bring it up. Not only because we watched a body horror this week, and this is a body hoard that is similarly spectacular, but it has the greatest cameo ever in a movie. And because of current news, I feel like I can once again talk about him current news, because Johnny Depp is about to be exonerated.

Okay. I mean, I do understand that Amber heard stuff. Her case against him is starting to crumble a little bit. It is crumbling a lot of, particularly because of some body cam footage that shows her descriptions, which led to his losing the case across the pond were. Erroneous, but, but I'm not saying he's a good guy.

Still he's very troubling. He may still be a bad guy, but it isn't, the coffin is not sealed as it may have appeared, therefore you're out of control. So I think we can talk about how great he is in tusk, because honestly that role is one of the greatest roles ever. This movie is spectacular. Michael Parks is amazing.

Yeah. Everything about this movie is great. And I liked it when we watched it. The more I read about it, the more I think about it, the more time passes. I have to say buyer. And then in all of our years of doing this podcast, it is one of my greatest memories. Like my happiest, most positive memories is watching that movie.

Well, yeah, it was way back in 2014, we were just fucking luck. That's episode four of the podcast. So if you want one of the, if you want to listen to that, you gotta be a member of the Friday society. So go check that, but I just absolutely love it. And I think that it'd be a good double feature.

I would watch tonight's movie honeydew first and then I'd watch tusk just because tusk has a little bit of a lighter air to it. I actually, I actually think that it is an interesting pairing. I think that could work. Okay. Good. Well, I'm glad that you for once are admitting that I am right now. I would like to hear what.

Your pick this week is boss. Oh, this is going to be kind of disappointing. It's uh, you know, Kelly it's road trip season. Oh no. Everyone around the country getting in their cars, heading to Crestone Colorado in tonight's film. No, you're not allowed features a little road trip, not a big one. So I thought I'd do a blind wreck of a 1982 film that I haven't seen directed by a guy named Dick Richards, which I looked at it.

His name is not Richard Richards and it's not short for, you know, that's just mean who does that to their child don't know, but this guy directed a little film called death Valley. Things are very quiet in death Valley these days. In fact, you can go for miles without a spotting of cards. However, if your patient something or somebody is bound to turn up, take this loving couple.

For instance, I wouldn't get too fond of them. If I were you. Because they won't be around very long,

but pity, they seem so nice.

This is Billy. He has a big problem for such a little person.

He can identify the killer and the killer kind of identified. Billy. Never heard of it. Hold on. Does this have, wait a second, uh, New York, this has shoot your eye out and it doesn't it. A New York boy played by Peter Billingsley finds dead bodies. I'm not even kidding you. I'm not even kidding you. When you said road trip season.

My brain immediately said in my head, in my head, I said, I wished that there was some way to record the voice in my head, because I just said in my head next week, I'm totally playing off of this. And I'm going to do that. Peter Billingsley one where the evil truck drivers chasing. Here we go. Peter Billingsley in New York board finds dead bodies.

When he goes West to visit his mother and her boyfriend, Kelly yachts, a cowboy slasher. Oh my God. I've never seen it. I can't believe you've watched this. I haven't. I said it's a blind wreck that I haven't seen, but, Oh, sorry. It's great. You have seen this? I have seen, I mean, honestly it was probably 20 years came out in 82, so yeah, it must have felt pretty fresh.

Do you have any feelings? I wasn't even alive in 82, so fuck you sure. It's Billingsley. That's all you need to say. Christmas story. Shoot your eye out. It's a lots of folks. So it's Matt, who of course came to prominence with his role in American graffiti. We Catherine hips. Of course she was on seventh heaven.

That TV show with that sexual predator. I can't remember his name. We don't need to talk about him. The dad in seventh heaven was like a pedophile. You didn't know that. Hmm. All right. Uh, that the father in the TV show seventh heaven, the WB show, we really don't need it. Never watched that. I don't Dawson's girl.

I mean, yeah, it was more done. All right. So, uh, it's got a young Stephen McHattie way back in 1982. Oh, that's cool. And then a diabetes testing supplies, salesmen, Wilford, Brimley as the sheriff. Oh, I love him. I've always, really liked him. Got to watch this thing. Have not seen it, but yeah, I love a good road movie.

I love a serial killer, so I will, uh, I'll tackle this. Maybe a, watch it while driving. I do look to go don't no, no, no stop. You actually can't do that, right. Oh my God. I'm just so glad you picked something that I actually liked for one second. Well, I mean, I'm glad to hear that. I'm actually nervous now. I don't know if it's a good movie.

I don't know if I should have done this. Got different tastes, but that's okay. Because it's closing time, which means it's beginning time for your second year. It is. And tonight's fun because we're doing another switcheroo, a bit of a switch, or this is a topic that I would most likely have covered catching the ball, running with it.

Not sure if I'm running to the right end of the field or not. In this week's edition of Kelly's crypt. Well, I just, what are we calling this kid? Kelly's a serial corner. It's certainly coronary conspiracy in this week's edition of Kelly.

You guys, this one's a really weird one. Um, what's interesting is the movie we watched this week. I felt like we could have gone a lot of interesting directions on wide open. It's an easy six degrees of all sorts of weird shit honeydew is, but some of the directions that were potential or things that we've at least mildly covered in the past.

And I thought, you know, I'm going to go a really random direction instead. And I may not even really reveal what the connection is until the end of the episode. Okay. That's fun. I like that. Okay. So as you have heard us rattle on about, for quite awhile now, and Byron has spent way too many hours digging way too deep with Kristen, we have witnessed firsthand.

What kind of power is wielded by people appealing to the horror? Of child abuse. Yeah. If you ask most people, what crime is worse than murder almost all the time, you will hear sexual abuse of children, which I can't disagree with. Like, I would agree with that, but because there's just such an overwhelmingly emotional, visceral reaction to that, it has been used by cue.

And it turns out by many others in the past to create some pretty crazy shit and manipulate people's emotions in some really weird directions. We are not talking about it tonight, but West Memphis, three Byron, I feel like at some point that's something you really should cover. Definitely. Seals feels like your deal.

Yes, absolutely. Just the satanic panic in general. Byron, have you ever actually read Michelle? Remember? No, I have a copy of it though. Remember I bought it after my Satanism episode. I did last year. Right. Okay. So I think we should probably cover that at some point too, as it was digging down that hole.

Are we talking passenger today? No, we're talking Curio. Byron, how familiar are you with curious, not well-versed Karen Curio Jones, which is a pseudonym that was often shortened to just Curio when, after a bunny people online in the nineties, accusing them of sexual satanic child abuse sounds very familiar, right?

In this case, what she did is she started going after some very normal humans. So we've got Carol Hopkins, who's a school administrator. She actually ended up moving to Mexico to escape curios, crazy accusations. But even that didn't work because Curio contacted her neighbors in Mexico and the government ended up threatening to like revoke her visa.

It was horrible. She could not get away from him. The situation Curio learned Spanish yet, Curio was just relentless. She also went after a gentleman named Michael Aquino Aquino. Uh, he had a really good chunk of interview during that devil worship, exposing Satan's underground Geraldo Rivera thing. He was a member of the military, but also a member of the church of Satan.

No, no back up temple of set, very different things. Well, I know Dr.  the high priest of the church upset temple upset, temple upset, also a Colonel, interestingly enough, in the United States army, what is it? The Satanism? I think that, um, uh, there is some confusion tonight because this same term means something different to Satanists than it does to Christians in the United States, by our own standards.

The people who use Shaun in these film clips would not be Satanists, either present or in the past, rather they would be. The failures of a conventional religion. I appreciate your opinion. Why does it serve that? What is Satanism? Well, originally the church of Satan, when it was founded was composed not of people with a hatred for Christianity, but of people who by and large were agnostics and atheists because they felt that the institutions which had arisen around Christianity had failed in their moral commitment.

So Satanism itself became an emphasis on rational self-interest and on taking responsibility for your own intellectual ethical decisions. Rational. Self-interests you call it? Yes. Okay. So Byron, can you actually, cause I don't know enough to distinguish between the two. Can you do that for me? Like it, it, I believe it's a fracture of Anton  church of Satan.

I believe they, they split apart in the mid seventies. So same root source. They're similar philosophy, obviously differences. If they split, there's gotta be some differences, but yeah, we aren't talking like Satanism and Orthodox Christianity. Sure. We're talking Pentecostal and, and, uh, she also went after Elizabeth Loftus.

Who has done a great deal of research. Uh, she's a cognitive psychologist expert on human memory. She has done a lot of work, dispelling repressed memories. So when a lot of stuff was happening in the nineties with people saying that they remembered being victims of these horrible Colts and sexual abuse, when they were children, she kind of was at the forefront of saying, actually, it's pretty easy to coax kids into believing that this is true.

Not saying that the kids were lying, but saying that. A therapist could fairly easily either intentionally or unintentionally lead them to believing that they had that kind of a memory. She's a professor at UC Irvine. She's super, super smart, but she went after this one. Wow. So to, to clarify the, the, the people who are part of the temple of set, they believe that set is the one real God, which is, you know, set the Egyptian God of desert storms, disorder, violence, that, that kind of stuff.

But did you talk about his eyebrows? I did not. We should do that. Have you seen them? No. Pull up a picture for you and there'll be a to tell me, look at a picture. Um, well let's say they look evil. Yeah. It's probably the best way to describe them evil. Yeah. I don't like evil. Oh, why, why would he do that?

That's kind of his look like you see trying to create photo devil horns with his eyebrows. Also definitely wearing blush look at those rosy cheeks, but then look at all of those ribbons and things on his jacket. He must have done a lot of stuff in that military. Yeah. Do you remember Jim Watkins in the queue into the storm documentary, as it went on, he be gone that mustache it's kind of the same thing.

It seems like. And I eyebrow as much as they don't like to defend Jim, it's much more normal to do that with a mustache than it is to do it with your eyebrow. Jim Watkins did something with his eyebrows to look more menacing as well, but it feels like a thousand years. Yeah. I kind of want to flush that for my brain and never think about it again.

Yeah, me too. But Michael's a, he's an eccentric, I think it's important to mention that Akina. Wasn't just part of the temple of set. He was a high priest in the temple of set, so he had a pretty significant role there. And according to what I understand, he was actually a member of the military while he was in the temple of set, but that was a private thing.

And there was some controversy when that came out. I don't think that you should be judged by your religious, but, well, actually I take that out unless, unless your religious beliefs are like causing harm to somebody which. Some of them definitely do Westboro Baptist church. Those people should never have any idea.

I think they're on the outs, but also like people like Ted Cruz who use their religious beliefs to govern a state. Right, right. Yeah. Like our governor of Aquino was saying we are or are not making this military decision based upon the God set then. Okay. We've got some problems for sure. But I don't think that was the case.

Anyhow, if you listen to Curio, according to her, the reason he left the military was because he was being investigated for child molestation, which there of course is absolutely no evidence of, but she went after and started defaming all of these people. Okay. She also went after a newspaper reporter in San Diego.

These people there's really no way to defend yourself. It's one of those things where once somebody calls you a child molester and even make some people believe that this could be true, it's like irreversible. Your life is changed forever. No matter how much you can defend yourself, there are people that will never see you the same way, which is just one of those really shitty things, because of course, child molesters should absolutely be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, but it's the kind of accusation that, you know, accusing someone falsely of, I think should also carry a pretty heavy sentence.

This is what Curio was going around doing. Now in the midst of all of this, she's also gaining traction posting online, and all of these people were in the middle of this idea of repressed childhood trauma. And maybe I was a member of a sex cult, and I didn't know it. And this was way back in the early two thousands or late nineties, early two thousands, nineties, early two thousands.

Shell Devereaux was one such woman. She started thinking, God, maybe this is what happened to me. I started researching it and realized, no, no, no, no, this lady's fucking crazy. Everything she's saying doesn't make any sense. And I can see how people would go along with this, but no, this isn't right. And so she started engaging in some emails back and forth with Curio, really wanted to figure out who the hell this was, was smart enough to trace IP addresses and noticed that a series of there back and forth emails, Curio was sending from public computers at San Diego state university.

So she contacted the campus police and immediately after she sent one such response immediately after curious at one such response, she alerted campus police and they caught her red handed. So to speak right after she was caught posting this reporter for the San Diego Tribune, decided that he was going to publish the story about it and say, this is who Curio is basically trying to.

Not only clear his name, but clear the names of all these people and make it very clear that no, this isn't some brilliant government operative. This is some moron crazy lady who is just throwing around completely outlandish accusations that have no bearing in reality, which sounds strangely similar to Q also Curio and Q sound very similar.

Yeah. I mean, Isn't that weird. It feels very familiar. Yeah, sure. It seems like a topic that she would also be interested in. Oh God. Yes. Well, it's the same topic essentially. Q is just echoes of the satanic panic mixed in with a little blood liable. Oh yeah. I always go throw some antisemitic shit for good measure.

If you're a complete asshole, you got to have something Nazi like in there. Of course here's where people made a huge mistake. And in some ways, this reminds me of stories that you have told about serial killers. You know, there were 25 different points at which they should have been caught, but they weren't.

Once her identity was revealed. No charges were filed. Cause everybody was like, Oh, she's just this harmless lady. She's obviously got some mental illness. And we published in a newspaper who she is like now she can't do us any more harm, whatever we're good to go. Unfortunately, shortly after she was caught at SDSU, she began calling and threatening a new target.

Somebody a little bit more important. Mr. Steven Spielberg. Now who's this, uh, he created some really great flicks, like close encounters of the third kind. I'm sure ITI big fan of aliens. And he's just coming right off the heels of the success of saving private Ryan in 1998. Just about to work on AI, artificial intelligence and minority report.

Are you eating? So I guess that's kind of important before I talk about what she said about Spielberg that we tell you exactly who this woman is. Her real name was Diane Annapolis. She was born in 1956. She was a social services worker. She worked as a child protection, uh, individual from the mid eighties to 1996, and really got caught up in the satanic panic rage that rolled throughout that time period.

Now I also with at least a bit of empathy, you want to point out that that was, you know, in her mid to late twenties. All signs would point to the fact that this woman does in fact suffer from schizophrenia. And so my guess is there was an unfortunate conversion of her schizophrenia presenting itself as she was working in what I'm sure was a very horrifying job.

I would imagine those people see terrifying, awful things every day, and it wouldn't be as much of a stretch for them to believe in ritualistic, satanic child abuse, as it would be for somebody like us, because they see terrible things that are done to kids all the time. But kind of mixing that with unfortunate health circumstances.

I think that's probably where Curio was born. Yep. But again, so they don't throw her in jail, they just kind of, what do they call it? What are the, what's the, what do the kids call it these days? When the DocStar they just doxed her stock stir. Okay. And then she started going after Steve Spielberg saying the following your friends, you can call them that she accused Steven Spielberg and his wife.

Of being a part of a satanic cult that actually met in their basement and manipulated poor unsuspecting victims by planting quote, soul catcher, microchips in their brains. She also said she happened to be one of the victims, soul catcher, microchips. And how, how do you those in unclear, Oh, unclear, probably kidnapping her and hypnotizing her and sticking it in and then letting her go.

Maybe I don't know, but in this microchip does what now? Well, it's, it is a way of controlling her. Apparently it controls her actions and her thoughts and captures her soul. Yeah. Even very quickly realized that this was not okay. She was clearly unwell and he took out a restraining order and actually had to make a formal statement about the situation.

Should I feel like it is a little bit weird. So this was Steven's statement. Hit me to state the obvious. I am not involved with any form of manipulating Ms. Nepalis, his mind or body through remote technology or otherwise. Nice, good. Luckily, a judge agreed with Steve that Diana actually posed a pretty serious threat, told her she was not allowed to come within 150 meters of him undeterred.

However, Nepalis turned her attention to another celebrity. Jennifer Love Hewitt. Do you remember when she used to sing song inspiring too? And she was pretty good. And I know what you did last summer. Was that her flick and it was her flaked when she was pretty good as a singer. Was she? Yeah. She's okay.

We'll play a track

in my head. She was awful though. No. Okay. She semi accosted J love at the Grammy's in 2002, you know, for love Hewitt fears. Her life is in danger. Prosecutors in San Diego say a woman has been threatening to kill the actress extras. Mike Brian has the exclusive details and today's star justice report.

Jennifer Love Hewitt arrives at stars, steadily events, smiling, waving, never knowing that this woman wants to kill the actress. Her name is Diana Annapolis and only extra has learned of her graphic threats on the life of the movie star at a San Diego radio station where Napa is hit and pushed the stars.

Mom, trying to get to the celebrity and at the Latin Grammy awards, Annapolis made bizarre accusations streaming at love Hewitt murderer killer. This was on September 8th. And then the very next day I tried to get into a premiere of her new movie, the tuxedo, which by claiming to be one of her friends.

And I find absolutely hilarious. We're talking about the, the Jackie Chan film about a cab driver. He puts on a tuxedo and becomes a black belt in a black tie, I guess. Oh boy. Yeah, that sounds bad. Okay. I believe that the tuxedo has powers. Um, I want to confirm that, but it's a tuxedo. It is a spy parody that involves a special tuxedo that grants its wearer special abilities.

Holy shit. Yeah. Okay. Well, I'm glad I missed that one. Wow. Nepal is really went full walrus and started stocking the J love pretty much constantly for the next few months. Court documents obtained by extra detail, her terrifying messages, quote, personal note to Jennifer Hewitt. I plan to kill you at the first opportunity to do so and hope you die.

A tortuous death. The woman brags, I plan on firing a gun at her heart and not missing. This is really a death threat. I want you to report it to the police or FBI, because this is an internet crime making multiple death threats, and even had one incident that resulted in a physical altercation between Love's mama and Curio herself.

Now, Nepal is obviously believed that love belonged to the same cult as Steve and, uh, Steven. That would be well, we know you guys are close friends, still believed that they were using cyber Tronic technology to control her body and mind. Really sad, but finally she was arrested. So this is, you could mess with military people.

You can mess with journalists. You can mess with school. Administrators can even mess with Spielberg, but you cannot fuck with J love. Apparently, at least in 2000 to 2010, she was arrested. She spent five months at a state psychiatric facility. Oh. So she wasn't arrested. She was, what do they call that voluntarily jail.

She was committed. Yeah. Um, and then seven months in jail awaiting trial, she pled guilty to stalking and was released on probation, bad choices. Here were the conditions of her probation. She could not own any weapons makes sense. Had to enroll in a counseling program. Also makes sense. Forced enrollment in mental health treatment is.

It doesn't obviously not super successful. Yeah. She had refrained from using all drugs and alcohol except had to continue taking the medication that was prescribed. That's good. She could not contact J love or Steven or their families for 10 years. And she was not allowed to use computer backup, which, you know, thinking about that in 2002, it was a pretty big statement.

Can you imagine somebody now getting the order, like you're not allowed to use computers in 2002, they had no idea that what the situation would be now, like your phone is a computer. Right. And also I want to point out that she could legally contact Steven Spielberg right now. And Jennifer, I'm going to say as of 2013, she's been able to contact them.

So I hope they're doing it. Yeah. Technically Kelly, legally, you can contact Steven Spielberg right now. That doesn't mean you're able to do it, but I guess that is true. I mean, you're legally able to contact most people, so. Unfortunately, no policies slash curios madness did not stop here. In 2008, she made it very clear that she was not probably taking her medication and was not doing well.

She filed the lawsuit and I don't know what attorney was. Enabling this, but she filed a lawsuit against all of the non-famous people. She had attacked online in the early two thousands, along with the reporter and publisher of the San Diego union Tribune, who ran the story about her being caught red-handed as Curio the complaint, accused the parties of negligence, defamation, conspiracy, to violate her rights of free speech invasion of privacy, intentional infliction of emotional distress and victimization by non-lethal technology.

I believe this is directly in reference to this. She did include the temple of set founder, Michael Aquino as well. She did one of the people that she was going after online in the early two thousands. Yeah, she went and she included all those people. She claimed that after being discovered at SDSU and her identity being released via the Tribune article, she was pursued by a queen and the others until she was forced to send a fake death threat.

To Jay love so she could be arrested and therefore safe from harm within a jail cell, because she was fearing for her life. This cult was out to kill her, according to her. All right, fake death friend in her complaint. She also claimed to have extensive documentation about the non-lethal technology. She referenced including voice to skull devices, voice synthesis, devices, remote neuromonitoring psychotronics, electromagnetic devices and other non-lethal technology.

It's so sad. It is really sad. Like the woman clearly is, is not well. And here's what makes this such a terrible issue beyond just the single instant. We all know that this theme of satanic child abuse is still running as rampant today, as it was when she was arrested in the early two thousands. People who study Q Anon say it's a virtual cult.

That pushes a baseless global conspiracy theory that a cabal of Satan worshiping pedophiles, who traffic children are led by prominent Democrats and celebrities like Hillary Clinton and Tom Hanks. Oh, that's right now that's from, it said 20 years to get contained. And it still hasn't because there are enough people that have, you know, I think it's a combination of people that are mentally ill and then people who are in a position where they're ready to latch onto an idea like this.

Yeah. Well, it's hard. It's so hard because child sex trafficking is a huge deal. So it's general sex trafficking, but like, and I'm not trying to downplay this at all by saying it, but it's not as widespread as some would lead you to believe. And it, it vacuums in such a bad crowd because it's such a horrible thing that people can't outright deny when an accusation comes to light.

Right. Exactly. No one feels comfortable doing that because it's such a horrific crime, like Q Anon. Once they got kicked off of Twitter, like using the hashtags that everyone knows where we go, when we go all, everything like that, they started like latching on to the hashtag save the children movement because that's a huge tent pole issue within the cult.

The crazy conspiracy beliefs that have traced back, you know, to the nineties and the satanic panic. Yeah. Here's the thing though. I think the worst part of all of this is actually the mental health professionals that I would argue, take advantage of this situation and certainly fuel it. And really, if we go back to Michelle remembers, which was kind of like the origin point for the satanic panic, so to speak really, that was her psychiatrist, psychologist, it's, she he's referred to as both, and I'm not sure which he was, but where supposedly under hypnosis, she found that she was abused and then a satanic cult.

And that is where this really started. And that psychiatrist traveled around the country and really promoted the idea of all of these repressed memories. And that became a pretty big trend for a lot of therapists. Well, yeah, you're talking about Lauren's pastor and he wrote, Michelle remembers several other books, but also, and he married her.

Wow. Sorry. I totally forgot about that element. I just remember in his later years it was, it was Lawrence pastor who talked to police officers to inform them on what to look for at a crime scene that could potentially point to it also being a, a satanic ritual. Exactly. They were given credibility and that's what helped it become a trend.

So people like Ellen Lachter, who was a therapist, she was one of the people that propagated this bullshit. Her patient ended up killing her eight year old autistic son in 2010, because lacquered convinced her that her son was doomed to a life of satanic sexual abuse at the hands of the father. You know, undoubtedly, the woman who killed her son had some severe mental illness, right.

But when, when a person with mental illness goes to see a mental health professional should get help with that illness. And instead that mental health professional. Convinces them of a crazy fucking conspiracy theory that then pushes them in exactly the kind of direction a person like that needs to be saved from.

Yeah, God, it's so awful. Cause like even this conspiracy from the early two thousands just reminds me of things that have happened in the past few years within Q Anon. Like I remember stories of, uh, remember MMS miracle, mineral solution, basically a bleach mixture. Some people were claiming it was a cure for autism and their parents were giving their autistic children enemas with this mixed, shocking it's torture.

And it's, it's awful. Yeah. I mean that people who should be held to the highest standard, I mean, You know, you and I have discussions about this a lot. Like, unfortunately there are some really wonderful therapists out there that are psychologists, right? But because the standard for becoming a psychologist is very different than the standard for becoming a psychiatrist, the standard, or becoming a therapist is even different.

You get a lot of people who are not necessarily as well, vetted and Holy shit, how scary is that? Like they're allowed to be working with people at their most vulnerable points. And instead of helping them essentially exploiting them, Yeah, which is just the grossest thing you can do, I think, but I run a CLI the temple of set and the satanic church, or the church of Satan or whatever.

I don't know. I'm probably getting the framing wrong too. Patients have been kind of at the forefront of investigating psychiatric malpractice. So obviously they have a, a good reason to do so because these crazy fucking people are saying that it's their fault. And they're at the helm of all of these terrible things that are happening, but also there.

The beliefs within those organizations are very much about taking care of one's mind and one's body and autonomy and not being a victim to other people. They have been very strong advocates. And in fact, a few years ago, they started a petition to try and get this particular woman Ellen Lachter, who had been directly connected to the death of that eight year old autistic boy to get her investigated and hopefully her license to work as a mental health professional revoked.

Interestingly, I ended up on her website, which clearly it didn't work because she's still got a website up. I don't even know if I want to give the name of the website, cause I don't know. I want people to go there. I ended up on there and. Lo and behold, there are articles from Diane Annapolis on there.

So these people really do like, it's something that has been legitimized and given enough of a foundation that it really scares me to think about how much it could potentially grow in the next decade or two decades. Wow. So yeah. Terrifying guys. Terrifying. Well, speaking of finding yourself on websites, I found myself on Diana's actual blog, her WordPress site, her last post was Halloween of 2015 and it reads, continued news from an observer of Armageddon, S P S P as previously mentioned in a prior post, there was an asteroid or comment going by the name of office, which is the Greek name for APAP, the Egyptian snake, dragon demon, and today's news.

There was a mention of an asteroid heading towards the earth, which bore the shape of a skull for an eerie Halloween fly by source UK mirror. October 21st, 2015. What does that have to do with, you know, I just found myself on her website. Oh, the way you phrase that, I thought literally you found yourself.

No, that was discussed on her website. I was like, what the fuck? That, that didn't know that wasn't that obviously taking your medicine? God sad. I really hope she's okay. And I hope that there are people taking care of her. It is important to read up on some of the investigation and please by all means, go see a mental health professional.

If you need one, just make sure to check their references, make sure they went to a credible place for, for school and make sure that what they're telling you doesn't feel completely misguided. You know, like it. Just because you're in a vulnerable position, doesn't mean that somebody won't try to take advantage of you.

So please everybody be careful. Get good mental health help, please. And can we please check up on Jennifer Love Hewitt? Can someone make sure she's okay. Yeah, please. Because it's been apparently eight years that  was able to be back in touch with her now wrapping up full around Byron. Do you know why we talked about this whole story today?

I do. Yeah. Oh, you do. You actually remember it. See, sometimes I feel like, I mean, I know you pay attention to more of what I say than I pay attention to what you say, but I still feel like the percentage is pretty far below a hundred. That's unfair, but yeah, I guess that's what I'll have to deal with you.

Do you think that's an unfair characterization? No, it's just wish you'd pay more attention to me. Oh, fair. Okay. Well it's because. One of the two leads in our movie for this week, honeydew was none other than a gentlemen named Sawyer who happens to be the offspring of Mr. Steven Spielberg. And it was actually looking, trying to figure out exactly how old he is born in 1992, because he's born in 1992.

So he was just at the age. I mean, I'm just imagining when all this shit was going down with naturalists that she's accusing Spielberg of satanic sex abuse at the time that Sawyer was about 10 yeah. Prime sex abuse age. Yeah. So, you know, I could see who knows, but I can imagine that her accusations may have included things about Sawyer himself.

Did you ever search their names together? I did. I tried to find, but I think most of the stuff that she had posted at that point is down just because of defamation and lawsuits and stuff. That makes sense. I don't know. You're a pretty. Damn good researchers. See if you can dig anything up, but in the meantime, I mean, yeah, I think we should talk about this week.

Sure. But I mean, we also didn't talk about that beautiful footage that I got of her being gang stocked. They found on the internet. Oh God. Yeah. But is it gangsta doctor? She just reporting on a weird fucking cloud. Sure. But I did find a YouTube page, uh, with one video called evidence under her name and it is wild.

And it's in the show notes for this episode of Kelly, thank you so much for that report. You did a great job and it's time to talk kind of like an okay. Byron, right? Like I didn't have 12 pages of notes and I didn't have it all scripted, but it wasn't too bad. Right. Not enough notes, but we'll talk about the notes that we have on a film as we review.

Honey, honey, honey, honey, honey.

we hope you're enjoying your visit here this evening now on with the show honeydew. It's a 20, 20 American horror film written and directed by Deveraux Millburn, starting Sawyer, Spielberg, Marlin Devereaux, like Michelle Devereaux. It's the first name though. So, uh, so your Spielberg, Marlin BARR and Barbara Kingsley, strange cravings and hallucinations before the young couple, after seeking shelter in the home, if an aging farmer and her peculiar son.

This Devereaux character pretty accomplished director started in 2008. He graduated at a rather prestigious department at NYU. Yeah, I would say one of the most prestigious departments at one of the most prestigious schools. And that's what I would say at that time. Definitely shows. I think that his work is very visually interesting, far more interesting than his bio on the website for his production company, listing Devereaux.

Uh, B can write you a new bio, right? I don't know about that, but, uh, I just, I think when you dive into what you did as a ten-year-old, I think the story of every filmmaker, at least in the genre seems to be pretty much the same, but that's okay. I think this movie does a great job of setting itself apart.

And I did click through one of the short films, one that. I think got a lot of attention in recent time. I believe in 2016 called Wade. It's bizarre, little, 10 minutes short. I enjoyed it quite quite a bit, but yeah. Um, this film scheduled for premiere at the 2020 Tribeca film festival, but Kelly, guess what?

It's the year of shuttering COVID pandemic, but yeah, they have it's premiere, uh, virtually at the night stream film festival in October of 2020, and then dark star pictures released it's on March 12th of 2021. And then we watched it. So the sound design, which normally, you know, me, I don't notice that much.

Yeah. The sound design was really cool. I hate for this one, in my opinion. Totally. It was like, there were really cool places where images were overlaid and there are places where like the sound was overlaid here. Uh, like as a scene was wrapping the sound from the next scene was coming in. I just really liked the way that that all played together.

I didn't know what the technical terms are, that for that it was almost acting as if it was a character in the room. It was making noises that were, were helping tell the story and it would stop and start with bangs and other loud noises or flicking of light switches. That kind of stuff. That was really cool.

I completely agree. And I think that like a little pretentious, but that's what puts it apart from your more traditional horror themes? I don't think that the story is. Terribly unique. Like it's, uh, a couple camp in the middle of a farmer's property and they're told to leave. It's a little bit Wolf creaky in that sense.

And then when their car won't start, they walk to a house to see if they can borrow their phone. It's a little house of a thousand. Corpsey because the elderly woman living in this house, uh, she knows a guy that can help them out. You don't need to call AAA AAA would take two hours. I know it. Yeah, no, the first, like, it's definitely one of those horror movies where you're like, how cool no, nobody thinks that you wouldn't make yourself comfortable.

I found myself saying that a lot. Another thing I found interesting about this is the dynamic between our leads here. So we've got salmon Riley, anybody who listens to us with any kind of regularity will know that I am always judging the men and talking about what assholes they are. Sure. Okay. In this situation, I felt really sorry for Sam Riley was a bitch.

No, I, she was making his life awful. His life was already pretty hard because Sam who's played by Sawyer Spielberg. He calls himself an, a waiter actor. She considered him an actor waiter. He is just having trouble getting good gigs as an actor. And he's said he's also between waiting job. That's true. He's just doing pretty bad.

Honestly, I felt like that was probably the best part of his life. Like the whole dynamic in the way that she was just Kelly has high cholesterol. He can't, he can't be eating, uh, any sort of red meat. So it was pretty funny because I didn't watch this one with Sam, but I was thinking to myself like Sam has really high cholesterol.

And we're just going to say that better, but very unsuccessfully. Right? So this isn't like the situation where Riley actually had restricted his diet, but I found myself thinking, wow. So if Sam had acquiesced and actually said like, yeah, I'll stop eating this and stopping this and make my cholesterol go down.

Then I guess I pretty much would have been her. It shows that they, at least she cares about them, which I think is very nice. And she, Oh, see, I, I, I felt completely different about the dynamic there. I felt like she was Loveless and controlling. He has no autonomy in the relationship. He is very unhappy.

They're both actually quite, I'd say they're both miserable, but she is like, Mean, and not respectful does not give a shit about his opinion is just mean plenty. You've said so much. I want to talk about her as an actor though. Marlin BARR. I think she does a pretty great job. She's a Swedish actress. She did a great job playing a bitch based in LA.

I don't know any of the other things that she's done. She was on the CBS show called bowl, which I've never heard of. Don't know how long that went. And she was also in top dog as a receptionist, hoping to see more of her because they think she did a really great job. I do agree though, this relationship's not good.

It's, it's, it's an odd situation. When we enter this house of, uh, Karen played by Barbara Kingsley. Absolutely. Bizarre and infatuated so good with Sam. Like this is where the movie sets itself apart. That's why I brought up Wolf Creek and I thought hospitals and corpses it isn't those movies. Like the story may be the same, but the way they approach it is completely different.

It's a little surreal and the way they shoot it. And the sound definitely kind of assists in that even the way that Karen pays attention to Sam and is ignoring Riley throughout this and well, and I think. Um, the dynamic of their relationship is part of what makes this situation as bad for them as it does.

Because if Sam went into the situation, a happy fella who was really in a good relationship, I do not think he would have responded positively to like, Oh, look at this. Woman's letting me eat meat and cupcakes. This lady's really nice. I want to hang out with this old lady. She's like a really nice mom behavior in the state of the house.

Like that's where it's like, they're just like fucking neon warning signs. Why would you enter it to a house where someone is like preparing meat and using the refrigerator as like an open refrigerator is an air conditioning unit. When it's got all this food in it, like it was disgusting. There's this scary 1970s TV plan Popeye.

So creepy. I dug into pop by for those that don't know the name freaks me out when, like you just say Popeye, the sailor. And it, it kind of rolls off the tongue of the sailor man, but he's got a pop eye. His is like popped out. That's a weird character and that kept digging. Apparently Popeye's father. Did you know this name is poop deck happy?

Well, the poop deck is a part of the shadow. Just bizarre, happy. It's just a scary world that this man, and it is a scary world. Thank you. And, and, and then we add ourselves, uh, goonie played by James bred, played by Jamie Bradley. Yeah. What is, is he from something that we know, you know, this is his second thing ever.

He was in loud places in 2017. This is his second role ever. He's he's, um, brain damaged. Uh, well, not, Nope, his own doing in the beginning of this interaction, we're told that he got kicked in the head by a horse throughout dinner. He just sips through like a long, uh, I would say crazy Strava, the straws, not crazy.

It has no curls. It's just a long tube. It's like a catheter tube that he's using to drink what may be milk and Jesus, man, this in that now it's Texas chainsaw massacre. Now it's just that. But like the world is so strange. And is it even more strange is the fact that they don't panic and leave. Right. And I think to me, that's an overt statement about like the world slash relationship in which they're living is so fucking bad that this doesn't even seem that much worse.

Sam, Sam seems to be really enjoying this communication with Karen and her hospitality. He's eating the meat. And then when Pete doesn't show up after an hour, the guy who is set out to help them jump their car, they just decide to spend the night in this fucking old, scary lady's house with her. They're like weird brain damaged son.

Yeah, no, no, thanks. Absolutely not. There's like a really long split screen shower scene where we're Sam is like jerking off in the shower. You get to see you so gross and weirdly they're in some ramp. Like what? I mean, there's a scene earlier where they're in the tent and they both were a bit too distracted to successfully make love with each other, but Debra did a really good job.

This thing looks beautiful and it is definitely like art housey leaning. I didn't need to see like some casual semen hitting the bottom of a shower. I didn't really need that. No, but I think it really all adds to the, just like the, the sleeves of this play hog narrative dissonance of this movie. Like nothing feels right.

Everything about it is off. Yeah. Yeah. Wow. Um, and you know, things really, it's already a horrific situation and we're just kind of getting started. Ah, Oh yeah. Things get really, really bad. And Byron here is something that I would like to pitch to you. What's that? I feel like I really only want to do limited.

Oh, I don't want to spoil the whalers. No, this is just a, it's a fun bit of a Shyamalan and I really don't want to fuck it up for you. Yeah. I'm with you. I just, I want to mention a couple of things briefly. We didn't say that Riley's character is a botanist. We didn't talk about the fact that this community was ravished by something similar to ergot, which is a fungus growing in wheat that the cows eat.

It's not like a mad cow disease, is that it's just like a sickness, right? I think so. Yeah. And it is a fictional disease. I did look it up. Yeah. The disease in the, in the movie is, but it's based on, gosh, we have Karen telling them that, you know, they used to be one of the biggest farms in the County and now they have to trade to get their meat, blah, blah, blah, which, yeah.

And, and there are signs that the community may have been more affected by this then. They lead on a Rooney. And I think that, I mean, that might be where I want to leave it. It's just, I'm, I'm good with that. Cause I really don't want this to get ruined for anybody. I, this movie, if you look it up online, which I don't really recommend you do, I think you should just go watch it.

Absolutely. People either love it or hate it. Like it is a very divisive film. And typically when a film is divisive, I'm more frequently fall on the hating end than I do on the loving end. So I was to be honest, kind of expecting that. And when I watched the beginning, I'm like, what the fuck is this? And then I kept watching and I'm like, okay, this is kind of some Lynch vibes to it.

And it even has, I would say some tusk vibes to it. Spielberg son, you know, I don't think he was ritually abused because he's really good actor. He doesn't seem messed up. He seems like a great actor. I would like to see him in more things. Actually think all of the leads did a great job. Do you know that you'll listen, Karen are married in real life.

We didn't even talk about ULAs but, uh, I didn't know that I don't know that we should either. Cause I think that's spoilery but you'll listen, Karen married real life. I do like that. It's nice. Yeah. People work together. What it's going to have to be a hell of a second half of the year. If this doesn't make it high in my top 10, at the end of the year, the top 13 were spooky.

Sorry, top 13. Thanks. But I would stick with it making it my top 10 too. I think it's going to, it's going to be up there. This one, I am going to rewatch for sure. With Sam. I think he would like it quite a bit. Yeah. In fact, I am going to try and watch it with him on the coast. Be a fun, spooky coast, flick honeydew.

It was a sleeper for me. I didn't even really want to watch it. When by in fact, Byron, I sent you a text message and said, everybody fucking hates this movie. You sure. We want to watch, you did say that. And this is the third time I've pitched it to you. No, and I, I really resisted, but Byron, I'm glad you held your ground because this was a kick-ass film.

I give honeydew 8.3 face wrap bandages. Yeah, honeydew again, not a terribly original concept, but I think where, where it really stands out is the production and the writing, the way that they approach the broke down car, unexpected sleepover type situation films. I think that this really does something different.

I think that all the performances were spot on, or there's not a weak link in the cast. I, again, like I like this film. I, what did you rate it? I always blank out when you say that. Oh, Joe panto trace and that is 24, 8.3. Okay. Um, I liked it. I liked it. I didn't like it as much as you, but I, I definitely am glad that I watched for the ending alone.

I think that this film is standout and something you need to see. And for those reasons I give honeydew. 6.8 black tipped fingers. Yeah. What was that? I assume that that was like gangrene or something. It was gangrene caused by the disease that fucking gross. All right guys. So, uh, after Kelly called gangrene fucking gross, we ended our phone conversation and forgot to end the show she's over on the coast.

So now I guess I will just, uh, do it myself, done a million times. You can do this Byron and those are thoughts on honeydew, which is available now on VOD. Why don't you check it out? And once you have, let me and let us know, what do you think. Be great. We have social media at Friday on Twitter and Instagram.

You can reach us there. You could send us email contact of freight You can leave a comment below this episode in the show Calm, come on Byron. You've got this, or we're going to have a conversation about it in the fright day community great place full of great folks.

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