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Jan 27, 2016

This week we dedicate an entire episode to strange circumstances surrounding over a thousand vanishings that took/take place within our national parks. Does an entire hour of Kelly's Cryptids & Conspiracies have you grinning like a ghoul? That feeling can be a regular thing! This episode marks the launch of our Patrion page (, a place where you can help the show, while receiving special perks. One such perk would be patron exclusive hour of KCC once a month (like this one), available to everyone who gives anything! Do you want to look like a ghoul, but you're just too handsome/beautiful? Don't cry, cause your pledge could equal a spooky mugshot draw by Byron himself. Does Kelly's constant mouth sounds make you crave her classic chocolate mousse? I doubt it, but she's offering up her killer family recipe to the Frightday family. Exclusive shirts, patches, pins, playlists, & personal notes from the crew are all up for grabs! Visit to learn more. Keep our mini-fridges full of blood...I mean...not blood...normal things that people going to or follow us in the shadows at the following places: