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Aug 3, 2019

This episode results from a chance meeting at a gas station in the middle of nowhere that seems to bolster theories of synchronicity, simulation theory, or some other strange order to the universe.  Kelly has the incredible opportunity to speak with Dr. Jeff Meldrum, arguably the foremost expert on the topic of a possible mystery primate commonly referred to as Bigfoot.

As a Full Professor of Anatomy & Anthropology with a Ph.D. in Anatomical Sciences and extensive research on the emergence of modern human bipedalism, his evaluation of footprint evidence, in particular, is difficult to ignore. In the words of Skeptic Brian Dunning, "The work of responsible scientists like Dr. Meldrum is exactly what true skeptics should be asking the Bigfoot community for, not criticizing him for it."

In Kelly’s most in-depth interview to date, Dr. Meldrum discusses possible reasons we have not found a sasquatch body, explains why most DNA analysis has not yet given conclusive findings, provides an in-depth analysis of the Patterson-Gimlin film, and explains where research should head in the future in order to maximize the odds of solving this centuries-old mystery. Even the most Sam-and-Byron-like listeners will enjoy the scientific and objective analysis provided by one of The Captain’s academic heroes.

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